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Work Safety

Work Safe Home Safe

Making sure our people get home safely is our priority.
Safety is more than a set of rules: it is our company’s attitude. Thinking and working safely is part of our culture.

We live our corporate value of safety every day and promote that culture to all employees, subcontractors and business partners.

We are committed to promoting the safety, health and well-being of our people at every level. We do not compromise on safety, we do not take short cuts, and every employee is empowered to stop work and take corrective action if they see a safety hazard or deem the job to be unsafe.

We work hard to make our workplaces as safe as possible through constant monitoring and assessment, and have implemented a company-wide framework for managing safety and health. AK Evans Earthmoving are Certified to AS/NZS 4801:2001 OH&S Management Systems.

AK Evans Earthmoving continues to improve its safety performance as it grows. We are committed to monitoring safety performance and ensuring the provision of safe work practices. Our company provides training and promotes initiatives that keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.

Our goal is for no-one to be harmed as we continue to serve our clients and the community. Given the growth in workforce numbers and project activity, AK Evans Earthmoving continues to achieve outstanding safety performance.


AK Evans Earthmoving operates across diverse and sensitive areas. We recognise the importance of the natural environment in the regions where we operate and the need to manage our activities for long-term environmental sustainability. AK Evans Earthmoving are committed to managing our environmental footprint using holistic and consistent frameworks that reflect best practice.

Our environmentally-sensitive culture promotes participation and innovation, enabling all employees, subcontractors and business partners to actively contribute to maintaining our ecofriendly reputation. Daily business activities and management of our work sites and offices are tailored to minimising our environmental footprint. We recognise that a delicate ecosystem requires an innovative and future-oriented approach. Our strong record of environmental performance has been achieved through the implementation of robust environmental management systems and procedures.

It is our policy to minimize environmental impact at site level by controlling effects such as erosion, dust, hydrocarbons and other waste materials.

AK Evans Earthmoving are Certified to ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and we are striving to be an industry leader in environmental management, moving beyond compliance to achieve a cutting edge in efficiencies and innovations in this area.